Our Collective Hearts Ache.

In the face of the cruel terrorist attack on the festival Universo Paralello, Berlin’s club community unites in profound sorrow and unwavering solidarity. 
Our collective hearts ache for the at least 260 innocent victims who have been shot, desecrated and kidnapped, and we extend our deepest sympathies to all those impacted by this act of violence.

Universo Paralello Festival @universoparalello is a popular psytrance music festival founded almost two decades ago in Brazil and celebrated its Israel Edition @tribe_of_nova on Oct 6-7 2023 close to Gaza. The festival attracts 3500 both local and international electronic music artists and festival goers.

We vehemently condemn this attack that targeted unarmed civilians that peacefully celebrated a music festival. We stand together against this cruelty by fostering a spirit of solidarity that transcends borders and differences. 
We must now amplify our voices, using our collective strength to advocate for a world, where humanity and empathy are the guiding principles.

We stand in solidarity with all those suffering and believe all people deserve security, equality and freedom. 

Together we now need to support the victims and their families and donate to human aid organizations and blood banks for indiscriminatory aid such as @icrc @unitednationshumanrights @unrwa @magen_david_adom @aneraorg.

Update: According to new investigations lead by the Israeli police it is now assumed that at least 364 innocent victims have been killed and 40 people remain kidnapped.