Is the survey anonymous?
The data from the survey will be submitted anonymously and won’t be analyzed individually. Further information can be found in our privacy policy.

Who is conducting the survey and why?
As the Clubcommission, the representative and voice of Berlin’s club culture, we need facts and figures in order to be able to influence politically and socially relevant discourses. Information on state aid and subsidies, your experiences during the last 13 months, and your current situation play just as much a role as your financial needs in the future and your ideas for returning to normal operations. The survey is supported by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, and the Sparkasse Berlin.

Why is the survey being conducted now?
After we launched numerous surveys last year to highlight the urgency of a quick aid package, we want to use this survey series to show how the club culture is doing after a year of stagnation. We aim to repeat this survey. In summer and autumn 2021 we plan to publish this survey again and, if necessary, adapt it to changing frameworks. This will allow us to identify changes and monitor the general situation of club culture over the year. At the same time, the survey data should also provide an outlook on future scenarios.

What advantages do I have as an operator / organizer from this survey?
As the network and association of Berlin club culture, we can use the collected data to approach politics and work specifically on measures that can help the entire club culture to get through the current situation. In order to be able to commit ourselves to club culture, we need a reliable database. Discussions with politicians on funding aid have shown how valuable such data can be.

I operate several clubs and music venues – do I have to answer the survey for every venue?
No, you can answer the survey only once and provide data for all your clubs and venues. Towards the end of the survey you will be asked how many clubs and music venues you operate.

I don’t want to receive any more emails related to Club Monitoring in the future – what should I do?
Since the validity of the survey naturally depends on the number of (regular) participation by as many club culture operators as possible, it would be a pity to lose you as a potential participant. At the same time, we understand if you do not want to provide any company-related data or if you do not want to take part in the survey for other reasons.
Please send a short mail to clubmonitoring[@]clubcommission.de so that we can remove you from our list.