Club Culture United – Stand Up For Ukraine

While in Berlin on March 4 the clubs can reopen, Ukraine is in an almost unthinkable state of emergency. The war of aggression begun by Putin on February 24 has already cost countless lives and forced about half a million people to flee. Berlin’s club culture, closely intertwined with Kyiv’s, is launching a solidarity campaign for Ukraine as part of the reopening of Berlin clubs.

For much of the past two years, Berlin’s clubs have been closed, creating a financial burden for the independent Berlin club culture. Operators, promoters, staff and audiences have been anxiously waiting for clubs‘ reopening. That day is just ahead. But while preparations for clubs’ reopening take place in Berlin, Vladimir Putin has launched a war of aggression against Ukraine.

The Clubcommission, the Berlin clubs and organizers condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine. We mourn with all those who have lost friends and family, who fear for their lives or are fleeing. The violence in Ukraine is unacceptable and must be stopped immediately.

Kyiv’s club scene is closely connected to Berlin’s. As Berlin’s clubs reopen, the Clubcommission has launched a campaign as a sign of solidarity, in cooperation with its members, activists, and the club scene in Kyiv. Under the slogan „Club Culture United – Stand Up For Ukraine“ the Clubcommission calls upon Berlin clubs, club cultural actors, music venues, bars, collectives, labels, and DJs to show solidarity with Ukraine and to donate during these opening weekends. International cooperations are already planned.

Each participating organization determines the model of their fundraising campaign. Some clubs plan to donate part of the proceeds from admission fees. The public is also invited to participate in the campaign themselves—for example, by donating the amount of an entrance fee if attending events via guest list. Participants decide which initiative for Ukraine their funds will support. The Clubcommission refers to recommendations from the Ukrainian activist initiative, Vitsche. An overview of the growing list of solidarity campaign participants can be found on the Clubcommission website.

Lutz Leichsenring, press spokesman for Clubcommission.
„Clubs are places for solidarity and political activism. Artists and cultural venues in Ukraine are in a very precarious and life-threatening situation. Even amidst the serious challenges Berlin clubs face after these two years of the pandemic, it is a given that Berlin clubs organize support for Ukraine now.“


Current list of supporters:

Birgit & Bier
Cream π
Das Techno Team
Deep Tales
Die schöne Party
Eclectique Berlin
Femquency collective
Finster/ collective
Frannz Club
Funkloch Bar
Humanoid Berlin
Huxley’s Neue Welt
Metropol Berlin
Mit Dir Festival
Panda Platforma
Planet Pleasure
Playful Magazine
Poison Bar
Ravemore Berlin
Rave the Planet
Rebellion der Träumer
Ritter Butzke
Same Bitches
Süss.War Gestern
Void Club
Waschhaus Potsdam
Whole Festival
Zur Klappe