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ArtikelbildDie Clubcommission Berlin ist ein seit dem Jahr 2001 eingetragener Verein und Zusammenschluss von Berliner Club-, Party- und Kulturereignisveranstaltern. Wir unterstützen unsere Mitglieder durch branchenspezifische Weiterbildung, Beratung, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Networking und Rahmenverträge. Als Sprachrohr der Berliner Clubszene setzen wir uns dafür ein, dass die Belange unserer Mitglieder in Politik und Wirtschaft wahrgenommen werden.


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Brückenstraße 1 in 10179 Berlin

FON: 030/ 27 57 66 99
FAX: 030/ 30 87 54 11


Lukas Drevenstedt | Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer

Gabriele Karamichalis | Mitgliedermanagement

Petra Sitzenstock | Club- und Veranstalterberatung

Raimund Reintjes | Konferenz "Stadt Nach Acht" | Politik | Gesundheit | Lärmschutzfonds







With the help of select experienced experts, ClubConsult is helping Clubcommission Berlin e.V. members to achieve better energy management and highlights where members can reduce fixed costs and administrative work. This supports the music sector by providing the foundations for long-term economic sustainability and competitiveness.

Clubconsult works closely with experts to find individual solutions to noise reduction, reducing running costs as well as pointers for legal, finance and insurance questions.

ClubConsult regularly holds information events such workshops, seminars, round table events and free expert consultations what are able to give individual advice to various issues across this sector.

ClubConsult is a project by Clubcommission Berlin e.V. association of Berlin clubs, party and cultural event organisers. In 2011 the consultancy replaced its forerunner, the green clubbing project 2010. The Project is funded by “Initiative Musik” and the senat’s administration for economy, technology and research.



-          Workshops and seminars

-          Panels and round tables on pressing industry topics

-          Information sheets (download here)

-          Advice on sustainable business and event organisation

-          ClubConsult – personalised and free consultations with our experts



-          Advice regarding loans, funding and grants regarding investments and staff

-          Information regarding financing new light and sound rigs and noise prevention

In particular, regarding new technologies

-          access to shopping “pools” and cooperatives for machines, expendable and used parts

-          Refurbishment and bankruptcy consulting

-          Advice regarding insurance and contributions


Noise pollution

-          Help points with our experts in noise pollution prevention

-          Finding experts for your construction projects

-          Legal support and advice regarding noise problems


Fire regulations

-          Advice regarding business fire regulations

-          Concept design in this area

-          Experts in fire regulations


Electricity / heating / air conditioning

-          Help for you to reduce electricity and heating costs

-          Stock taking and inventory

-          Energy advice from recommended advisors

-          Finding experts for your refurbishing needs



-          Contract review of standing and new contracts

-          Information and help points regarding GEMA applications

-          Information and advice regarding the implementation of club software for better club management

-          Refurbishment and insolvency administration


Legal advice

-          Consultations

-          Startup help

-          Business plan support

-          Rent negotiations

-          Legal assistance

Details for reductions in price for members is available on request at the Clubcommission office.


ClubConsult can only continue if you use this valuable service. If you have questions, suggestions or problems we have help solve, feel free to get in touch!