New Project: Enter the Void
Clubcommission's Free Open Air Campaign continues throughout 2016 and 2017 - now even on the European level!

Enter the Void is an international networking project between the cities of Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest and Riga on the topic of urban spaces for young artistic newcomers, carried out between 2016 - 2017. It's results will inform the Agenda of EU youth policy. 


Photo: Jason Krüger / ekvidi.net

Clubcommission's new project ENTER THE VOID will continue 2015's PLANNED CHAOS and its local dialogue on public spaces for spontaneous music events - in short: Free Open Airs.

Furtherhmore, it will broaden this dialogue by expanding it to a European perspective. The new collaboration extends to young subcultural collectives, networks from the fields of culture, city-making and youth, and policy-makers in four European capitols. Together we will exchange strategies to improve the access of young people - and their (sub)cultural practices - to urban space.

The title ENTER THE VOID freely translates to: give access to space. And it's not just a claim - our aim is to develope a how-to-manual for policy-makers and administrators on how this claim is put into practice.

We are very much looking forward to this upcoming cooperation with Kulturersatz, Black Rabbit Collective, Nachtburgemeester Amsterdam, Free Riga, Aurora Budapest and many more intriguing organisations throughout Europe!


Enter the Void is generously funded by the EU-program Erasmus+ | Structured Dialogue.